Recognized TCE Resources

TCE Program Overview Document

At any stage of certification, a single, cluster or group of facilities - whether they are in the BAP Improvers program (iBAP), new certification, undergoing re-certification or post certification - may require assistance for information, questions or clarifications about our standards or the requirements of certification to them.  This online platform for BAP-recognized support resources was created to connect Recognized Trainers, Consultants and Experts (RTCEs) with those interested parties that may need their services.  The individuals or entities featured within are “recognized” by the BAP program by benchmarking their qualifications, experience and knowledge of our standards, through attendance at our auditor training course, completion of all homework assignments, and successful passing of the tests.  Engagement of or advice received from any of these resources does not imply or guarantee certification. 

To avoid any potential conflicts of interest, candidates interested in providing training or consulting to facilities cannot be an active BAP auditor nor work for a BAP approved certification body in any BAP capacity. These individuals and entities are listed here purely as a resource to support and enable our members and interested parties to achieve best practices and certification criteria of our standards.  Any payment sent to or received by RTCEs is a private and purely a voluntary transaction between these service providers and the clients seeking those services.  GAA/BAP will not in any way be responsible for the quality, quantity, accuracy or veracity of the services rendered, nor will it be influenced in any way by them, except as they help the facility comply with our standards.