Louis Landesman

Extension Agent
Extension Agent

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100 Lakeview Park road
Apt. 129
Colonial Heights, VA


34 years of experience in aquaculture including raising aquarium fish and penaeid shrimp in SE Asia, sturgeon in California, redfish in Mississippi, Chinese carp and tilapia in Israel, aquarium fish in Florida and catfish in Virginia. Also experience in project planning and implementation.

International consultant, researcher, and lecturer specializing in aquaculture and fisheries. Successfully carried out aquaculture programs in Asia, Africa, Central America and the United States. Experienced in planning and implementing projects, keeping within tight budgets; research and data collection in many scenarios; cross-cultural communication and complexities. Conducted site surveys, planning, evaluation, research and development in fish, shrimp and aquatic plant production that contributed to expanding seafood and energy production both in the US and in Asia, Europe, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean.

Specialties: 1. Planning and designing practical aquaculture programs designed for specific locations and environments
2. Developing and implementing programs of fish, shrimp and aquatic plant production
3. Training and guidance of government staff workers, farmers, and students
4. Data collection and analysis; publishing research results in books, scientific journals and reports
5. Languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Hindi

Job History

Cooperative Extension Service
Aquaculture Development Agent
April 2007 - present