Richard Draves

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4875 Lakeside Drive
Langley, WA


​Personally: Traveler, creator, curious, lover of dogs (that's Carlos in the picture), cooking, eating, and pursuer of happiness!

Professionally: Specialist in value development of marine ingredients, proteins, oils, and flesh.  Worked at sea for many years on harvesting and processing vessels. Understand fish processing and production - managed quality department for many years, recruiting, training and supervising staff, developing various quality management techniques to ensure consistent production quality. Ten years in product development seeking to create value from underutilized fish parts - skins, flesh, organs and the like. Developed fish oil from crude fuel to refined omega-3 concentrate.  Lectured on issues such as product development, surimi manufacturing, and sustainability.
**Currently seeking consulting or F/T opportunities**​​


University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Wildlife Ecology - Natural Resources Management