Sally Krueger

Relationship Manager,
Global Aquaculture Alliance
Relationship Manager,
Global Aquaculture Alliance

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Global Aquaculture Alliance
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Portsmouth, NH
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Hello, I am Sally Krueger, Relationship Manager at Global Aquaculture Alliance. I've been with GAA since 2007. I help members connect with the GAA and BAP teams as well as plan and execute the annual GOAL conference.

After 10 years in one of the largest privately owned water companies in the US, I came to GAA with the sincere intention of "making a difference in the world." With the assistance of an incredible team of top international experts and amazing coworkers, I can honestly say that has been what motivates my passion every day.

Contrast 2007, when we were constantly finding new ways to answer the question "What is aquaculture" with 2017, where we solve real world issues to provide safe, healthy protein for future generations. And how do we do that?

In the second 10 years at GAA, we have formed the Standards Oversight Committee who bring consistent, intentional growth to the Best Aquaculture Standards process. We expanded our reach in the aquaculture sector from responsibly-raised feed to well-educated retail buyers and we continue to circle the globe training auditors, convening diversified groups of professionals and building market acceptance for the responsible production of the best possible source of protein for the world.


Lindenwood University
St. Charles, Missouri, United States
M.A. Corporate Communications, 2002
Organizational Design & Assessment, Training, Remote Office
1999 To 2002